Capture the fastest-growing segment with Receipts

As more people go into business for themselves, banks must rethink how they service self-employed professionals and small business customers. These individuals don't just need a utility provider - they need a business partner to help them grow their business.

Engage and retain

75% of business owners said they'd be willing to stay with their bank if the bank offered them a receipt management service. Our bank partners found that Receipts users interact with the service 2x more than the average mobile banking customer, with 40+ monthly interactions per user.

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Gain deep insight

150+ fields on a receipt are added to your transaction data. Receipt data reveals customers’ true purchase behaviour across all payment types. Use these insights to increase product holdings, migrate spend onto your cards, and personalize offers.

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Increase revenue

Productize mobile banking. Sensibill helps acquire new customers and unlock new revenue streams. Basic receipt management companies charge $80 to $480/year to customers that you can better serve.

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